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Seal:New World Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Expedition allows you to make sacrifices to your friends.
Participate in your friends and discover the vast fields!
Work to find the Behemoths and kill them!

The expedition allows you to explore exclusive areas.
The following items are displayed on the screen of the field.
-The rest of the time until the end of the Behemoth race (shown on the screen)
-Information and friend position (shown at the top of the screen)
When the expiration period expires, the search is considered unsuccessful.
Find the positions of our friends while searching for Behemoth!
The sight can be seen anywhere on the road between the two portals.
Make sure to help your friends at risk!

Behemoths escape the battle after some time spent.
If you go, you want to face the death penalty!

When you reach Lv 15, you can join the room.
You can work with other members of the show, as well as playing the field with other members.
The living room also allows you to chat with your friends anytime.
Join your friends and find out!

1. Create a demonstration by first identifying the lowest level for the connection and limitation of the member.
Find current open defamation described as "Public".
3. Watch salons with the same consistency.

1. Select the symbol for your sin.
2. Select the level required for members.
3. Select how many people can participate in the program.
4. Select your recruitment message.
5. Select your public / private offense
6. Select the demo name

Game field behavior
-Actual conversation with other members.
- Roller cases sometimes fall into animals killed by other members.
-A meeting with portals is divided into members.
-We get gold and EXP for animals killed by other players.

At the meeting you can create missions that are only available to members.
You can join quests where the friends of the program receive help from the Quest Board.

You can find other members in "Member List" in the Quest Board or Lounge settings.
Choose a friend to call them. Work with friends to build a strong group!

Talk to Pamela to receive missions.
Complete missions, such as destroying animals and collecting requests!
Talk to Pamela when you complete a mission to continue the story.

Some missions bring you to places you have never seen.
Go to mission destination by selecting the portal near the map on the map.
- Deers are portraits that often block roads. Blue portals are portals that can unlock all roads.
Port ports marked with yellow markers carry areas that are part of a mission.
-The crown mark shows the current status of the Sub-Mission for the Behemoth found along the way.

At Pikke's Shop, you can use the Pikke Coins you get through Behemoths massage to purchase multiple products.
Examples of these products are gold materials, quartz paper, crystals, tools and magicians.
There are also items that are sold during the events.
* Please note that some items are redeemed

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