Thursday, August 24, 2017

Saiyan Warriors Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The warrior of the universe is universal. Each period lasts 7 days and opens after a period of time.
The game has 7 levels. Level 7 is a part of the world, limited to 10 players. The other levels have no limits.
Tiere will be returned after a while. Levels 6 and 7 dropped to levels 3, 4, and 5 drop level 2, other levels will enter level 1.
The results of matches are based on battle points, so players will be promoted or reduced. Results are calculated from 00:00 to 00:10 daily.
As Battle Battle, a player <1000, the player will enter the next level.
As a battle point of 2000, the player is promoted through 2 levels (which is the highest level that can be raised). Level 7 is calculated differently due to limitations.
When a player scores less than 500, players will drop one level each day.
Players can challenge 10 times a day and earn 100 points if they win and earn 10 extra points for successive wins.
Additional combat points can be deployed. There are no down signs if it fails.

The warrior of the universe has 5 coffins. You may need a breast one day.
Checks should be checked from 1 to 5. If you stop for a day, you should still order the first breast. Subsequent divisions contain better rewards.
Like: You can keep Universal Warrior shoes once a day and get 100,000 pieces.

The Warrior of the Chest of the Universe offers greater rewards.
Write the formation of the hero of the universe to determine the characteristics of each hero.
Being a warrior of the universe is an honor, with a special gift tone.
Become a warrior of the universe:
Get the seasonal ratings of Cress Server Arena first!

Each player gets a free Android.
Android features can be applied to all battles.
Androids have active abilities, which can be transmitted once per battle.
Update: Android updates will cost objects and coins for more features.
However, the Android level can not exceed the computer level.
Recovery: Use the specified items to restore attributes and capabilities. Levels and locked items will not change. The result can be saved manually.

The World Boss event takes place every day from 5:00 to 24:00.
Each player can challenge 5 times a day and the gems will use it later to buy more notes.
Use diamonds to inspire all the heroism and add to the end of the story.
Players can avoid some of the GET skills in the leader during the operation.
There are many international bases. The highest levels of boss, minor attack and HP will be high.
The prizes will be sent to the event by email. The death of world leaders will make suitable heroes of sweets or fragments.

You can challenge twice a day. If you win, a challenge will fall.
Higher VIP players are more likely to challenge. 3 times a day for VIP 3, 4 times VIP for VIP 5 times a day for VIPs. Visit VIP rights for more details.
You will receive a reward if you win. There is no effort to subtract if you lose and you can avoid it again.
The amount of diamonds required for soft drink will increase gradually. The light level of the stars will be greater or equal to the previous effort and at least.

The battles of the World Art World Cup will be carried out automatically.
Players can not control the battle, but the avatar of the rugby hero can be dragged to fight them.
Ranks are emailed every 21 days.
If the players win a fight and the position of the defender is higher than the attackers, their rank will be replaced.
Players will receive some prizes based on their daily range. The prices are sent by email.
When the battle falls, the attacker will lose.
Players involved in a war can not be selected as opponents.

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