Wednesday, August 16, 2017

JetCrash by 111% Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

"V" Jet Plane.
This is the best Jet Plane at 1st and 2nd tier and still an efficient compared to other tier 3 jet planes.
It's shooting is the most effective at early and mid phase of the game because it can fire bullets in a V formation.
Only few Jet Planes can shoot bullets forwardly while having higher hit rate.
You can easily destroy obstacles in front of you as long as you have an upgraded fire power.

Rotate Jet Plane.
Not as effective as the V Jet Plane but it can still hit obstacles in front of it.
It only needs high fire power to be truly effective. Rotate Jet Plane should be used as firepower plane at lower levels because of it's low fire rate.
It is not effective at higher levels due to it's low DPS or fire rate but very good at hitting almost all obstacles in the space field.
Rotate Jet Plane is good at destroying weak obstacles and weak enemy bosses because of it's 360 hit range.

Guide Jet Plane.
Guide Jet Plane is somehow similar to the Rotate Jet Plane but it's bullet will chase nearby obstacles.
The only problem with Guide Jet Plane is it's low fire rate. It is still effective when destroying tough obstacles but it will struggle to the obstacles that are very tough.
It requires you to dodge obstacles to avoid getting hit and destroying them at the same time. However, at later stages there will be a lot of obstacles that will go to your position and Guide's fire rate won't be enough to destroy them.

Lightning Jet Plane.
Lightning Jet Plane is the best plane in the game because it doesn't need fuel to fire it's lightning which is good if you want to stop at a certain place while destorying incoming obstacles.
It deals high damage but it only attacks one at a time, so if you want to destroy obstacle blocks, you can go near at them and let your lightning pulverize it without spending fuel.
Upgrading the fire power for Jet Plane can destroy obstacle at one strike only. It is better to upgrade your fire power first before upgrading it's fuel capacity.

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