Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Eight Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Get heroes by inviting or encouraging fame.

Each character is evaluated from B to SSS, and a higher rating ensures a better visibility of the hero.

You can check out the hero's office.

You can increase your hero level by striving for monsters or using experience points,
And if you reach the highest heroes, the hero can be promoted with an exclusive object.

If you name your character as a consul, the hero will affect the territory.
Otherwise the hero is appointed commander of the battlefield to eliminate the enemies.

1. Meals, wood and stone can be collected on farms, sawmills and containers on their territory
- In some places outside the castle you can build beautiful buildings.
- The fruitful buildings provide resources per second depending on the level of the buildings.
- Due to the large buildings, you can collect products in every building.
- Through the Resource Management Center you can easily collect all your products at once.

2. Send your troops to [farmland, slaughterhouses, mines, silver and gold mines] to collect funds.
- The browser will find and collect the resources needed.

3. Use the stock exchange items in the store.

※ If you upgrade your store, you can protect your items against theft of your enemy.

The last strategy war! Use your best pattern in the 8 Kingdoms game!
Play the game True King!

■ 8-day special 8-day connection rewards for everyone !!
Receive 5,000 participants through the pre-registration event
Play 8 Kingdoms today and receive items valued at up to $ 500!
Duration: August 29 - September 5, 2017 (once per account)

■ Description of the game

"The only true king of eight kingdoms!"
Build your kingdom and your army to fight your sovereignty!
The Great War on the highest throne of 8 kingdoms began!

"Dark Side, the rise of Fallfall Fallen"
A Lord lost in war ... Turn the unfortunate fortune with Dark Side!
Allied with the Dark Side, you will immediately exercise powerful power to change the course of your war.
But great power comes with great responsibility. You will have a price to pay!

"Heroes, Masters of the Battlefield!"
Loyal heroes will help you conquer the greater power of 8 realms!
These warriors and governors will help your kingdom prosper.
Look for your best consuls for the ultimate strategy!

"Wonderful graphics game!"
Horizontal strategy game with the best graphic!
Enjoy the majestic kingdom and the design of the characters
Many events and features that make your game addictive!

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