Sunday, August 6, 2017

Desert Island Fishing Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hold your finger on the screen to bring up the casting bar.
Swipe upwards to cast your line.
Tap the screen when the images align to hook your catch.
Hooking the fish at the right time will make catching fish easier, or even automatically catch some fish.
Tap earlier when the hooks align.

Fish bites are easier with the right hook.
The radar lets you know what you are looking for! Tap on it if you don't know what to do next.
Hold your finger on the screen to reel in your line.
Try to keep the marker in the green zone to complete the catch.
Tap on the fish chart to see what you still have to catch.

These are all the fish you can catch with your current rod.
The markings on the left show the depth that they are found.
The flashing fish only lives in shallow water above 5 meters.
To catch it, you will need to perform a shallow cast.
Skilled casting allows you to fish at different depths.

Try catching to less than 5 meters, to do so, end your swipe before the indicator reaches 5 meters.
To perform a shallow cast, swipe upwards slowly and release your finger before the indicator line reaches 5 meters.

Remember, different fish live at different depths, you can use the fish chart to see where you need to fish.
When line tension is high release the screen to avoid a line break!
Some fish are strong and erratic. To master these waters level up your skills by completing trades.
There are more ways than ever to improve your skills! Literature holds priceless valuable knowledge. It will improve your skill instantly!

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