Saturday, May 6, 2017

Shooting King Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Shooting King Tip # 1: The fastest and easiest way to make money / coins.
There are many ways to make money or coins in shooting King.
You can earn coins in traditional setting mode.
You can also earn coins in time and combat career mode as well.
Battle Mode gives you a high premium reward if he can win with your opponent live online.
However, if you lose, the buy-ins paid will be given to your opponent.
Although it is worth more than other rewards, it is risky because you will also pay if you lose a live game.
Earn coins in traditional setting mode has less value compared to other game modes, but you can gain experience by making the level higher.Shooting King Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game
Race Time Race is the fastest way to earn coins and money.

Shooting King Tip # 2: "Mini Game" Game Mode Schedules.
You can earn 10,000 in 5 minutes playing the "mini game" together race mode game.
You can also earn fast money for other time racing games, but "mini games" is the best time race game.
You do not need an extraordinary weapon or expensive to be effective in a "mini game" weapon. All you need to do is pull up and quickly point the sniper rifle and shoot them with the tiles.
You can earn up to 100 coins if you shoot perfectly straight. Using a weaker sniper rifle will give you at least 50 coins for the average game.
The MINI game takes only about 10 seconds, including loading, preparation and sniper rifle after shooting the animation. Therefore, it is easier to play and win any possible 1000 coins immediately.

Shooting King Tip # 3: Performance information.
Bala, red dot, gear and other objects. Gives bonus statistics for high shooting performance.
Power: Increase the outlet speed.
Refresh: will shorten the loading time.
Wind resistance: Wind resistance reduces the projectile.
Magnification: Extension of red increase dots.
Reward to win the battle: Reward will increase once you win the battle.
Battle Loss Record: The prize will increase once you lose the battle.

Shooting King Tip 4: The aim of the best articles (Standard / Premium).
If after suggestion # 2, you can easily get the best items in the game.
Although premium game elements are the best items, you can get the best items in the standard items to pay with your coins.
The best category item if you are looking for performance and cost ratio is a sniper rifle.
The sniper rifle gives you a performance and charging performance bonus.
Purchase sniper rifles first steps to make it easier to go and be more effective in acquiring a mini-coin game (see Tip # 2).
Although this is difficult and takes time to earn coins, just tilt # 2 and get the best standard sniper rifle.

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