Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kingdom Warriors Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Event 1: Account Creation Reward
Event Dates: 2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Event Servers: All Servers
Event Details:
     Successfully register and activate your Snail Games account for a reward of Bound Diamonds*50!

Event 2: Account activate Reward
Event Dates: 2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Event Details:
Players who download the TCP: Heroes and logged into the game can receive extra 100,000 gold simply by login in during the event period!

Event 3: Daily Login Rewards!
Event Dates:2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Event Servers: All Servers
Event Details:
      Every day you log in, you will be able to receive items from the “Login” event in the Event panel. Get different rewards the more days you log in during the Event period.

Event 4: Weekend login reword
Event Dates:2016/7/09-2016/7/10
Event Details:Log in two days in weekend to get reward

Event 5: Daily purchases of Diamonds
Event Dates:2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Details:Bonus rewards for topping up your account.
1. The top-up amount will be reset at midnight daily.
2. A player can claim the rewards when he or she meets the top-up requirement. Each reward for a top-up tier can only be claimed once.
3. All reward tiers must be claimed in the Event panel by the end of the day, otherwise the rewards will be expired by the following day.

Event 6:Multi-days purchases of Diamonds
Event Dates:2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Event Details: Bonus rewards for topping up your account.

Event 7: Epic Loot Boost!
Event Dates:2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Event Details: Epic Loot offers a number of features over the default loot, and now you can even receive a bonus reward from the Epic loot-10 during the period!!!

Event 8:Diamond Spend Rewards
Event Dates:2016/7/04-2016/7/10
Event Details: During the event period, use Diamonds to qualify for rewards in the following tiers

Event 9: Special Pack!
Event Dates:2016/7/04-2016/7/10
During, Special value Pack!

Event 10:Double Training Field
Detail:Double Training Field, to get double silver

Event 11: Completionist Reward
Event Period:Permanent
Event Details: Players who complete the designated levels during the month of June   will receive the following bonus rewards:

Event 12: Your Feedback Matters!
Event Dates:Permanent
Event Area:All servers
Event Details:
       Players may submit BUGs and suggestions to our special post on the Official ,All submissions to the thread will be evaluated and rewards will be distributed depending on the submission’s importance. BUG Importance Contrast and Corresponding Reward