Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sunshine Angel Guide Cheats - Codes, Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Induction for beginners of Angel Fantasy
1. Create a character! Don’t mind the name, just create a character. Later on, you will be given a free name changing card, or you can change your name by using 100 diamonds (How cheap!).

2. When you enter the game, you will see an animation. You just need to follow it. After the animation ends, you can level up. You can collect the Vampire when you go up to level 5 and then collect a login award. The login award of the first day comprises a blue mount, 10,000 virtue points and 20 evolution powders(PS: don’t click “Worship”). Then, click the button of “Front Page”, get access to the “Mail”,and collect 888 diamonds. Now, you will have about 1,400 diamonds. Don’t use them, I will tell you how to use them later.

3. Let’s click the “Companion” and then click “Evolve”, and you will see the vampire. He can turn into Count Dracula by being evolved for 3 times in the first round, which will cost 3500 virtue points and 6 evolution powders. Just evolve him. Then, you will have 6500 virtue points and 14 evolution powders left, which can evolve Count Dracula for 5 times. After evolution, you can go to “Formation” to make Count Dracula in formation, and equip all the equipment with him. Now, you can go to challenge levels.

4. When you level up to level 10 , you can collect VIP. After collecting VIP, you will have about 2400 diamonds, so that you can click “God of Love” (blessing from God of Love). Click “Front Page”——“Activity”——“Blessing from God of Love”. Don’t count how many diamonds it costs, just click it. Generally, you can click 2 times, or 3 times if you are lucky enough.

5. Next, let’s continue to challenge levels. When you advance to level 12, you will have no physical strength, but, because you level up to VIP1, you can buy physical strength for another 2 times. And then when advancing to about level 16, you will have no physical strength again. Now, you may have about 4100 diamonds so that you can click “God of Love” with 3888 diamonds. Then, you will have over 5000 diamonds so that you can buy secret treasures. Click “Store” and you will see a special offer. Buy all secret treasures which just cost 1500 diamonds, and buy a VIP pack in which there are 10 bronze boxes. The early preparation is very important! Besides, you can go to the VIP shop to buy a strength potion, which just costs 50 diamonds.

6. Now, let’s move to “Prop”, and click “Chest” to open all the secret treasures and bronze boxes. You may gain Saint-level mount, Saint-level prop, 1 out of 10000 token, strength potion, various materials or golds. Generally speaking, you can gain a strength potion at least unless you have no luck. No matter how many props you get, you just use all the strength potions and go to advance. Besides, don’t forget to collect an award pack of consumption, which is on the far right of the “Activity”. You consume 1710 diamonds, so you can collect 3 packs. Then, you can collect a 1 out of 10000 tokens

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