Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gun Duel Master Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Best Weapon for Grinding.
Pistol Type Guns are the weakest weapon in the game, that's why they are cheaper than other type of guns.
Automatic Rifle Guns on the other hand have very good fire rate and have decent damage but the only problem is the recoil or accuracy.
You can also buy automatic rifle guns cheaper than other type of weapons in game.
It is recommended to buy the cheapest automatic rifle "Bullpup Machine Gun" and save your coins to buy the most expensive and powerful gun "Gutlin Gun" which costs 108,000 coins.
Gutlin Gun has a maximum weight, fire rate, capacity and damage and it has low recoil, perfect for any type of game modes.
However you need to have a good weapon to grind and buy the gutlin gun. Bullpup Machine Gun has decent stats for a machine gun and it is cheapest automatic rifle.

Watch Ads.
Watching an Ads can give you bonus coins, play roulette, obtain specific guns and able to revive your character in-game.
However there is certain limit on how many ads you can watch for certain time, for you to be able to receive those benefits.
The most efficient way to watch an ads is to revive your character in-game. Reviving your character can continue your killing streaks or mini games streaks which gives you a huge amount of coins.

Fire Rate for Mini Games.
Mini Games requires you to hit a certain objects in-game. Damage rate are useless in mini games because it takes only 1 bullet to destroy objects.
So you need to have high fire rate for you to be able to fire many bullets as fast as it can. But high fire rate guns are usually have high recoil rate, so you need to use your aiming skills on shooting objects in-game.

High Powered Guns for Quick Play, Challenge and Career Mode.
High Powered Guns are effective when used in any duel modes. Although High Powered Guns are expensive but they are very effective on facing difficult levels.
If you love high powered guns, then it is advisable to buy not more than 2, because you need to save and get the most powerful gun without wasting money by buying a lot of weapons in game.