Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wib Wob Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble Guide

Enemy Yo-kai will attack at regular intervals.
When there are just five seconds to go until the enemy attacks, a timer will appear beside them.

When the timer reaches 0 the enemy will attack!

Enemy attacks will damage your allies and will cause their HP, displayed in the middle of the screen, to
If your allies‘ HP reaches 0. it's game over, so be careful!

Once Big Wib Wob reach a certain size, try popping them!

Bonus Balls will sometimes appear when you pop Big Wib Wob.

Popping a Bonus Ball will cause the surrounding Wib Wob to grow bigger!

The bigger the Big Wib Wob you pop, the bigger the Bonus Balls will be!

Bigger Bonus Balls will cause more Wib Wob to increase in size when they're popped!

Keep popping those big Wib Wob. and make bigger and bigger Bonus Balls!

Linking Wib Wob of the same type will cause your Fever Gauge to fill.

When your Fever Gauge is full. you'll enter Fever Mode!

The enemy's attack counter will stop during Fever Mode.

The damage caused by any Wib Wob you pop will also accumulate rather than being inflicted immediately...

...and will be dished out in one big lump to all enemies as soon as Fever Mode finishes!

Entering Fever Mode as often as possible is the key to successful puzzling!
Link lots of Wib Wob together, and get Fever Mode in motion!