Monday, April 25, 2016

Super Rich 2016 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Super Rich 2016 - Novice FAQ
1.Q: What’s the highest Company level?
A: 60.
2.Q: Do you have to purchase the land before building the shop?
A: Yes, once you’ve purchased the land, it will always belong to you unless you abandon it.
3.Q: Can I change my Business Philosophy?
A: No, you can’t change it in the current version.
4.Q: Does my building also affect to other player’s shops?
A: Yes, the building will affect to all shops within its influence radius.
5.Q: Why my expense increased a lot after level 15?
A: Once you’ve reached level 15, you start to pay your staffs’ salary.
6.Q: It says my there is competition exists for my shop. What does that mean?
A: It means there is similar shop near yours and it will attract some of your customers. Your estimated income will be affected.
7.Q: Do I still own the stocks if I didn’t sell them the day before?
A: Yes, you will always have it unless you sell them.
8.Q: How many lots of stock I can have in total?
A: 999 lots.
9.Q: How many skills can a staff have at most?
A: 10 at most.
10.Q: Can I demolish the facilities I built?
A: Yes, but it still cost silver to build new facilities.
11.Q: Can I change my company name?
A: Yes, you can use the ‘Rename Card’ to change your company name.
12.Q: How many VIP cards in the game?
A: 5, which are: Green Diamond, Blue Diamond, Orange Diamond, Kings Club, Crown and Supremacy.
13.Q: What’s the use of Area Title Sponsorship?
A: All COC member’s shops get sales bonus within the area.
14.Q: Why I didn’t get the reward after wining the business war?
A: You have to wait until other player to defeat all the opponents. You can get the reward once your team has defeated other team.
15.Q: What can I do if my loan is due?
A: You shop will be suspended until you’ve returned the loan.
16.Q: Can the Temporary Recruitment Card be stacked?
A: No, you can’t.
17.Q: If I own more than one car, can I have 2 car’s bonus together?
A: There are two types of car bonus, one is auto added to you if you own the car, and another one requires you to set the car as your current vehicle to active it.
18. Q: How do I delete the game and start over completely a new game
1. Open the game, click your Old Account
2. Click the 'New Account' button
3. Enter your New Account information and register it.

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