Wednesday, April 13, 2016

RPG Manager Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The battle will use the deck you've set and you won't be able to control them during the battle.

The battle goes on for 3 minutes and it is segmented by 5 phases.
The battle phase automatically proceed by time goes by.

The number represents what phase you are at.
Phase changes when the circle completes a cycle.
Only the same or lower phase skills will be used.

When a card dealt damages, it moves toward outside of the screen.
If a card dies, it will be out of the screen completely.

Cards will be placed in order of their Threat Levels left to right.
During the battle, they will be relocated automatically.

You can do Fusion,
Skill Level-up and check Status on the screen.
Tap the card to see detailed skill information.

All players will begin with 1,000 Rating points. Player will gain higher rating points if the opponent has higher
rating points that the player. All players will signed into appropriate league by their Rating Points.

You may challenge against new enemies irom Union and collect rewards everyday. There are total 8
different Unions and difficulties gets harder from left to right. You may go for all missions for the
Union or specific missions that you plan to complete. There are 3 different group in 1 Union but you
will be able to receive Wanted reward if you complete 1 group mission among 3. You may also
complete all 3 groups’ missions, however, the Wanted reward won't change. During the mission, if you
complete 1 special mission among 3 then you can receive Special Wanted Reward.
Enemies, mission, status will reset everyday.

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