Sunday, April 17, 2016

Puppet Football League Spain Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Puppet Football League Spain Guide
What's the twist? Unlock bonus balls to spread slime, ice and gum onto the pitch, making play tricky for your

Change the control method to suit your style to give your marioneta players the best chance for victory.
Practice awesome tiki-taka tricks & rabona kicks overtime and nutmeg passes to make yourself a marionette master of the football federation 2016.
Watch Mexican wave and be the 12th man of your fc team. No hooligans are allowed here. Play striker, goalkeeper, defense, wide winger and guidetti midfielder all at the same time...

Game tips and strategies for your best soccer experience:

  • Focus on defense goalie tactics and catenaccio basically camp.
  • When the ball is close to you, you shoot and kick more upwards.
  • Run forward while kicking and the shot will have more power.
  • Run backwards while kicking to volley with indirect free kick to top corner.
  • Exhaust other player to make him Paralympic.
  • Take advantage of frozen champions tackle and play pitch invasion.
  • Don't kick toe punt or toe poke from long distance, wait for ball to come closer.

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