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Masquerade: The Faceless Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Masquerade: The Faceless by Gamevil Guide
How do I use a different class character?
Select a character of your choice! Tap a different class character on the top right of the village menu to start playing with the character right away!

What's good about making friends in game?
You need friends in order to carry out on an investigation. Investigate various areas with your friends, acquire many rewards including Treasure Chests, and visit many different sites! You may send/receive Pal Points among your friends. You can use Pal Points for great items!

I ran out of STA. Is there anything I can do besides waiting?
Used up all STA? Tap "+" sign to fill up using currencies like Rubies.
Level up to get more STA. You can also get STA as a reward.

What's special about designating the main character?
Your main character is what other friends see you in game. You'll also use the main character when defending the Arena.

How do I unlocked any locked feature?
Complete the tutorial or continue playing the stages in order. You'll find the features unlocked before you know it!

How do I open the Treasure Chest?
To open Treasure Chests acquired from the investigation, tap the chest from the Investigation icon on bottom right of the village menu.
It takes time to open the chest though. You can always use Rubies to open instantly!

How do I join the Legion Battle?
During the investigation, Legion Battle will randomly occur. Defeat the monsters within the time limit and receive rewards based on the number of the monsters defeated.
You can play again with Rubies. Collaborate with your friends to defeat all monsters to start the Boss Raid.
Defeating the boss will give you even more rewards!

How do I find the Prestige Grade?
Tap the Prestige icon on top left to find your Prestige Grade. Higher Prestige Grade means perks like more MAX STA!
Complete the missions and make purchases at the Shop to acquire Prestige Grade Points!

Where do I find additional effects from each class character's preset?
In the village menu, tap the arrow on the right to see the menu. Tap Collection menu to find additional effects by each preset.

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