Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mark of Death Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

VIP System
1. Charge doller to increase VIP Lv Higher VIP Lv. more privileges

Monthly Card
1.Charging appointed amount[the details is in Charge page) to get welfare tickets
2. Exchange welfare tickets for welfare cards in blessing page, you can't have monthly card, quarterly card and annual card at the same time, but you can have monthly card, quarterly card and supreme card together
3.When you have blessing card, you can use the blessing functions, and get some diamonds everyday.

Blessing System
1.Users of blessing card consume 100 diamonds to get 1 blessing point
2. Accumulate enough blessing points to increase blessing Lv, higher the blessing Lv, more game privileges
3.|f the blessing card is expired, you can't enjoy blessing functions‘! IJ blessing points will be deducted each day from the overdue card.

Getting Cards
1. Draw is the fastest way to get strong cards, which includes Contract Draw and Diamond Draw
2. Players can challenge instance or participate in speciļ¬c events to get card shards, accumulate enough shards to synthesize corresponding cards
3. Players can also decompose unwanted cards through ‘Molding Spirit‘, and get Stardust which can he used in ‘Mysterious Shop‘ to exchange for card shards.

Card Basics
1 . Each Card has 5 basic attributes: Attack, HP, Physical Def, Magic Def and Speed. Attack stands for card damage, HP stands for card HP, Physical Def stands for the card resistance against normal attack, Magic Def stands for the card resistance against skill attack, Speed stands for card actions speed
2. Each Card has 5 advance attributes: Hit, Dodge, Crit Hit and Toughness. Hit and Dodge are a pair of resistance value, while Grit Hit and Toughness are a pair of resistance value.

Card Formation
1. Players can select cards from ‘This Life‘, 'Hueco Mundo' and ‘Soul Society' to make their own formation
2. Each faction has its own card combination, gathering corresponding card sets for combo that can increase power greatly
3. Cards unwanted in formation can be placed in ‘Friends’, which also can be used for activating combo.

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