Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Levelup Clicker Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The basic rule is only to endlessly tap the "tap area".
And defeat the enemy, experience value to all characters you have set "character area" (Exp).

Character can be equipped with or increase the number of (consuming Gold), equipment of equipment character in [PARTY] menu.

When the stage gauge becomes full, the area boss will appear.

Stage can do the reincarnation of the name of more than 50 "Prestige".
Prestige and, instead of reset character of level / equipment number of slots / number of stages / gold, you can earn the "Prestige Jewel".
"Prestige Jewel" is used to purchase goods in the "Prestige shop" to go from the Other menu.

If you want to equipped with a character who has won the battle with the enemy it can be done in [PARTY] menu.

When you tap the "character area", you can see the information of the character in each equipment.
The "status area", the total attack power / total magic, and to display the sum of the character of the bonus is currently being equipped.

If the game has continued for a long time, you may want to drop the character that sometimes color is different.
Character color is different in character "high rank", increase value at the time of the basic ability and level-up is high.
"High rank" character, will appear by defeating a lot of character of the relevant.
(You can check the punitive situation of the characters in the menu of the character page.)

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