Monday, April 25, 2016

Girls Reload Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Zombie Fallout also has another feature where you can compete with another players and step up to the highest rank to get more rewards.

Battle in the arena will require player to perform manual control and defense capabilities. When you reach top rank in the arena, system will automatically give reward to players. The reward will depend on the ranking obtained.

1) Players can challenge lots of opponents.
2) Honor gained from the arena can be used to purchase items in Honor shop.
3) Check out your combat history!
4) Challenging opponents will affect the rank. Different rank will result on different rewards as well.

Win the fight and get as many honor. Come challenge your friends now and be the greatest!!

Legendary equipment is divided into 3 sets.

1. Star Craft  2. Chaos   3. Genesis

Each type will have their own speciality and uniqueness for each kind of battle. This equipment have owned full set of enhanced status, and legendary stars. Perfect for upgrade due to the high status

How to get it?
1. Fortune Wheel -> You can have equipment
from Golden, Legendary equipment, or Fragment
2. Beat the BOSS at Bounty mode
3. Limited Shop at Blackmarket
4. Combine 10 Legendary Fragment

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