Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dungeoneers Academy: Trials Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Fighters are built for hand-to-hand combat. Wizards learn many spells to cast.
Rangers are best at ranged attacks and learn a few spells.

Humans are good all-around, but the other races may improve the performance of some vocations and even hinder others.

Both Vocation and Lineage affect a character's traits.
Review them here to decide on a good combination.

The first star is gained by finding the dungeon key and exiting, saving progress and collected plunder.
The key is hidden in a barrel or treasure chest within the dungeon.

Opening all barrels and chests adds another star.
Some contain equipment or treasure for buying items at the store.

Gain another star for defeating all monsters lurking in the dungeon.
Each provides experience needed to gain levels and battle bigger and badder creatures.

After collecting treasure you may purchase more potions or improved equipment at the store.
You may also repair degraded equipment or sell extras for gold.

After receiving your Dungeoneers Academy diploma you will be able to travel the world in search of new treasures and monsters.

Explore the dungeon looking for plunder and watching for dangerous inhabitants.
Some barrels and chests hide plunder, and the dungeon key is in one.

Unopened barrels and treasure chests show a glowing blue ring when right next to them.

Some controls turn red and a combat theme plays when you encounter a monster.

You must be close to use the primary weapon. 
Secondary weapons can be used from a distance, if you have one equipped.

You may have up to four readied skill or scroll actions here.
Scrolls can be found or purchased at any time, but skills are only gained by increasing a character s level.

The auto-action chooses the best of available actions with Auto checked.
Any action can be directly selected unless grayed and unavailable, out of range, or recharging.