Friday, April 1, 2016

DigiPet X2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


When you pet likes the food the grow meter increases!
Happy pets grow faster!

If you stay in the habitat long enough, your pet's attributes will change!
So you can choose which way to evolve!

Type Chart
Damage Type = Critical Hit if the enemy's type is weak.

Just above the portrait of your pet you can see its type and its favorite food!

When night comes, your pet will sleep and the game will be saved automatically!

If you want to change the habitat, Press the icon tree to go somewhere elese!
One day life will be spent on the trip!
So it's better to leave when the night comes!

Habitat influence the three attributes bars of your pet.
Stay in a habitat for a long time can make your pet evolve!

When the battle starts you have to press the corresponding numbers that is on your ability!

Every time you tap a disk you make an UPLOAD!
Do 5 uploads and the skill is ready to use, downloading skills to your pet is the way to win battles!

When you press the right disk and if it is the number 1, the power (fire rate) of your ability grows!
100 fire rate points and you shoot a new skill!