Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crab War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

You have 3 different: types of crabs that spawn randomly
whenever you tap on the screen. Amethyst: crabs are fast and
attack in swarms. Emerald crabs unlock after 50m and are
adept at scaring critical hits. Garnet crabs unlock after 80m
and move slowly but pack a big punch.

Crabs can evolve after reaching crab level milestones,
improving their shots and increasing their damage. All crabs
also receive bonus damage which is 0.2% of queen DPS after
every evolution. Whenever you evolve a crab after crab level
500. you will also receive 1 DNA.

Queens are the leaders of your swarm. They spawn
automatically and will deal constant damage while you are
away. There are 30 queens in total, 10 of each type, amethyst
emerald and garnet.

Queens will also unlock skills that power up your crab swarm.
Same will affect all crabs. or affect a certain type of crab.
such as amethyst. emerald ar garnet. Each queen has 8 skills
that unlock when the queen reaches level 5. 10, 25. 50, I00. 200
400 and 800 respectively.

Upon reaching level 200. queens are able to evolve, granting
them a huge increase In damage.

Use DNA to research up to 36 unique mutations! These
mutations are extremely powerful and have special abilities.
There are 12 sets (3 mutations per set) in total. 3 For
amethyst. 3 For emerald. 3 For garnet, and 3 that affects all
crabs. Collecting a Full set will grant you bonus DNA whenever
you perform Ecdysis.

Participating in tournaments and hunting the wildebeast.will
allow you to earn gems. Gems provide a damage boost to your
crabs depending on its type. and collecting a series of gem or
the whole set will Further boost their damage by a large

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