Saturday, April 23, 2016

Casual Warrior Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Beginners Tips for Casual Warrior
1) When you are enhancing gears, please check the notice on the left >w< A brief look on forge details could avoid your gears from disappearing!
2) Your gears replacement will be effective immediately, so never hesitate to enhance them to improve your game process!
3) When you use Quick Sell or Auto Selling, remember to choose the option box. You could unlock Auto Selling function at VIP 2
4) If you have claimed rewards and didn’t find the item in your bag, don’t worry! Check the mail and they’ll be sent by attachments.

This is a post from Casual Warrior Community Facebook Page.
Just Search Casual Warrior Community in Facebook and follow these tips below.

Dear warriors:
It’s our honor that we can have you here~ In order to improve the game experience, we decide to hold another event to give out more rewards!
Come on and give us "Like & Share" for our Facebook page Casual Warrior Community, and we'll send gifts to all players when likes reach certain amount~! Hurry up to invite your friends to like us, and please keep sustained attention on our FB page, thank you!
200 Likes: 100 gems and 2 Bronze Key
500 Likes: 150 gems and 2 Hope Blue(Ring enhance material)
1000 Likes: 200 gems and 1 Random pet passive skill
2000 Likes: 500 gems and 1 Pass

Casual Warrior Community Gift Code (Starter Pack Code): startergems200

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