Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Battle of Pirates Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to collect resources?
In the world map, you will find bases you can take control of, and eventually organize your logistics by dispatching your fleets to collect these resources. You will have to consider carefully your ships‘ travel time and capacity.

How to obtain skill points?
When you level up, more skills become available to you.
For example:
you obtain 3 Skills from level 1 to 9, then 4 Skills from level 10 to 19.
Defeat Sea Creatures or complete Quests to level up.

How can I increase my Combat Power?
Build ships and upgrade your buildings.
These steps will all have a positive influence on your Combat Power.

How to get Gold Coins (for free)?
- Important Quests will reward you with Gold Coins.
- You receive 200 Gold Coins the first time you join an Alliance.
- Collect Gold Ore in the world.
- Regular tournaments offer largeamounts of Gold Coins as rewards.
- Log into the game and use “Sign In” in the Trade Vessel harbored in your Island.
- The Trade Vessel can also reward you on your accumulated play time.
- Level up and accomplish objectives.
- Participate in recharge events. Extra Gold Coins will be rewarded.

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