Saturday, April 16, 2016

Age of Conquest IV Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Age of Conquest 4 (Version IV) Guide

Based on the objectives chosen at game start there are various ways to win a
game. You generally win by reaching 100 points. Alternatively, you can win a
game by eliminating all other parties from the map and are the last man team
standing. The game supports the following game objectives.
 Supremacy: Control a majority of the map for victory.
 Domination:: Control the whole map for victory.
 Annihilation: Eliminate all enemy troops for victory.
 Capture the Flag: Control a location for a certain number of tums for victory
 Defense: Defense vs. Offense between two parties with limited tums.
The game is considered a Tip/'Loss if it ends (e.g. by reaching the tum limit if
one was set) and no one was able to claim victory.

How to Play
The game is played in tum-based We-Go (WEGO) mode. As opposed to
traditional I-Go-You-Go (I GOYGO) mode, all players can enter their tums at the
same time. This means the actions you enter will not directly be executed but
will be deferred and executed for the next tum. The units will try to move to the
best of their abilities as you ordered them to do, but can fail to do so if for
example a unit is destroyed beforehand.
For each tum, the following activities are available:
(1) View Events from the actions that took place from the last tum.
(2) Enter Orders for the next turn.
(3) Select End Tum to commit your orders and finish the current turn.

The income you receive each turn depends on the population in all the
provinces you own. The larger your nation, the higher your income. However
note, income is reduced when happiness low (linear).
You receive commerce income each tum. In addition, you receive a larger tax
income every 12 months (turns) at the beginning of each year.
Provinces with low happiness will stop paying taxes. In order to increase
happiness you can (a) decrease taxes and commerce or (b) distribute money in
the provinces affected 1-by-1. Happiness goes up during successful battles and
down for lost provinces and battles. Happiness can also be affected by
diplomatic relations you create or cancel.