Saturday, March 19, 2016

Winterstate Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is my mission and goal?
Your mission is clear. Survive.
Travel the country, look for resources and spare parts that allow you to endure in this hostile territory.

How do I gather resources?
Resources can be gathered by winning battles, from Factories or by time passing.
The loot you can get from battles is shown by tapping on the location you want to raid. Final rewards are based on how well you did during the battle.
Factories are also a very valuable way to get necessary resources, so the more the merrier!
Fuel is the only resource that generates itself over time.
If you run out you can always get some more by using Diamonds.

Pause the battle to improve your strategy!
Are you getting overwhelmed in battle? Are you losing your bearings while your opponent throws more roaring metal at you than you can chew through?
Fear not! We have added a pause button in the bottom left corner of your battle screen so you can catch a breather to plan your next move. And you can still draw paths for your vehicles while the game is paused!

Winning Pins explained!
The pins gained in battle reflect how you did during the fight.
You can take some damage and still win 3 pins, but you will receive a higher penalty if one or more of your vehicles are completely destroyed.
So be sure to distribute damage over several vehicles, or avoid being shot at all!
Ride on!

How does matchmaking work?
In this wasteland you will find other Runners that want to survive and you'll have to fight them.
You will be matched against an opponent that has similar stats to you.
When you are in a fight make sure you gain an edge and win for a great reward!

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