Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rival Empires Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to level up before Iv. 30?
You can get EXP by leveling the construction, completing the quest or finishing the dungeon

How to get the basic 4 resources?
The basic 4 resources are Silver, Wood, Grain and Iron ore, you can get them through the natural increasing in your city, other related resource functions and game event.

How to recruit the heroes?
Completed the specially dungeon to get the hero you want form the Hero Roster.

How to use more Heroes in battle?
Research the technology “Troop Enhancement II”, “ Troop Enhancement IV”’to unlock the more hero tag.

How to distinguish the gear level and how to get the best gear?
You can judge the gear from the color, and the color from low to high is white, green, blue, red, purple and orange. You can easy to get the gear from the shop in game, but you must arrive the required level to unlock the gear.

How to get Position? And how it’s worked?
To defeat the NPC in the Royal List to get the opposite Position after your leveling to 30 and finishing the quest “Move Hero”. Also the resource you can get will affected by your Position.

How to get free gold?
You will unlock the daily login gift by level to 30 and completed the quest “Prefecture Chief" Legion to get free gold and free levy chance.

How to solve the problem about level up too slow in dungeon?
There have some hidden NPC and copy in the dungeon and defeat them can get huge EXP and resources. And you can reset them by using gold.

How to get recruit order?
You can receive some free recruit order in game, also you can get them in market and exploit chests

How to get the gear with the skill?
Red grades above equipment may carry skills.

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