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Pocket MapleStory SEA Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Unique skills are what define the characters of MapleStory. Most specialize in combat and have attack-heavy skills, but some characters specialize in support and excel at buffing the stats of their allies.

Most active skills require Mana Points (MP) to cast, although some classes have alternatives to MP such as Zero’s Time Force (TF) and Demon Slayer’s Demon Fury (DF). Make sure to carry lots of MP potions while adventuring so you never run dry.

Skills fall under 1 of 2 categories: active and passive. Active skills generally act as offensive abilities, but can also provide powerful buffs. Casting them generally requires MP, or an alternative such as TF or DF. Passive skills allow you to amplify your stats or even other skills, often permanently.

Most characters will unlock extra-powerful abilities called Hyper Skills at Lv. 140. Even more devastating Hyper Skills are unlocked as you level up, up to Lv. 200. All characters with Hyper Skills share the same passive stat boosts, which enhance Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), Luck (LUK), Critical Rate, Maximum Hit Points (HP), and more. Choose wisely as you assign your skill points—a balance between Active and Passive skills is the key to victory!

Quests constitute the bulk of MapleStory's gameplay, and are the best way to watch its epic story unfold and level up your character. To access the Quest Log, simply use Hotkey: Q to bring up a window listing your available quests. Clicking the icons displayed on the left side of the screen will bring up info on special quests, including limited time events.

Leveling is how your character gets better, faster, harder and stronger. You will unlock more skills, be able to equip higher level equipment, and embark on new quests, the more you level up. Leveling is achieved by gaining EXP. The best way to gain EXP is to defeat monsters around your level range and by completing quests.

To check your current level and your levelling progress, refer to the EXP bar at the bottom of the screen.

MapleStory isn't just about quests and combat—it's also about making friends and having fun! Events are regularly held to shake things up and keep players on their toes. To see what events are being held, click the Star icon on the left of your screen. A sliding menu will be brought up, and you can peruse all current and upcoming events.

Some events take place at certain times of day. If you see an envelope hovering over your character's head, you've received an invitation to a special event. Click the envelope and you'll be instantly teleported to the event area.

Tot is a helpful, red-haired assistant who can provide you with tutorials and quest suggestions. Access his Know How by clicking the brown book icon on the left of your screen, then clicking on Tot himself.

Not only will Tot help you learn the ropes of MapleStory, but he'll give you useful rewards after completing his suggested quests and will even give you your very first pet! Tot gives players rewards for leveling up, so check back often to see what he has to offer.

Skills are only one way to improve your character. Equipping weapons, armor and other items will make your hero even more powerful.

To equip an item, open the Item Inventory window (Hotkey: I), then double-click an eligible piece of equipment from the EQUIP tab. To view your current equipment, open the Equipment Inventory Window with Hotkey: E.

Equipment can be acquired in a number of ways: by defeating monsters, purchasing from an in- game store or the Cash Shop, receiving it via quest rewards, or buying it off fellow players. Each job is restricted to certain types of equipment. Warriors can only equip Warrior equipment, Bowmen can only equip Bowmen equipment, etc. Further restrictions only allow certain unique weapons- such as the Demon Avenger's Desperado pistols- to be equipped by that class, and not every class under the job type.

Some equipment, typically outfits/costumes, give a bonus if all pieces of the set are equipped simultaneously. You can check the set bonus of an item by hovering your mouse over it in the Inventory Window and holding down the right mouse button. Equipment can also be upgraded via various methods, including Enhancements and Spell Traces.

Parties are the bread and butter of MapleStory, and a great way to join up with friends and tackle some of the game's toughest challenges. You can form parties with up to five friends, and if you are all within a similar level range, you'll receive a small EXP bonus just for questing together!

There are several ways to get your party started. The easiest way is to just walk up to your buddy and right click them, then select "INVITE TO PARTY" to send them a notification. If you want to create the party before you invite anyone, enter the command /makeparty into the chat window. If your friend is logged in to the same world, you can enter /partyinvite followed by their character name to send them an invite. To manage your party, open the Party Window (Hotkey: P).

Parties are great and all, but if you're looking for a more permanent social experience, you'll want to create or join a guild. To start a guild, you must be Lv. 100 or higher and pay a 5,000,000 Meso entry fee. If you meet these requirements, speak to Lea—you can find her in most towns–to be transported to the Guild Headquarters. Once inside the Guild Headquarters, you can speak to Heracle to form a guild.

If you don't want to be a leader, you can apply to join a friend's or fellow player's guild. Use Hotkey: G to open the Guild Window, where you can manage your guild, post to the Guild Board, or search for a new one to join.

Monster drops and the cash shop aren't the only ways to collect new items and equipment. Crafting uses ores and minerals harvested in certain maps to forge new items. Crafting is available at Lv. 35- visit the town of Ardentmill to acquire this useful ability.

You can sell unwanted items to shop NPCs. You can also trade items with other players by right- clicking them and selecting Trade Request. If they accept, the Trade Window will open. You can also sell items on the Free Market, available in most towns. Purchase a store from the Cash Shop to display your items on the Free Market.

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