Friday, March 25, 2016

MonstroCity Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

MonstroCity - Build & Destroy Guide

What are Gems, and how do I get more?
Gems are MonstroCity's Premium Currency. You can get more by
- Completing achievements
- Removing obstacles
- Achieving Win Streaks
- Getting lucky with the Daily Spin
- Purchasing more from the Treasury.

How can I buy Gems?
Once you are logged into the game, just tap on the Gems symbol on the top left corner of your screen.
You will be then directed to the purchase menu where you can choose how many Gems you want.
Your device will then connect you to the iTunes store.

How do I get more Resources?
In order to gather more Resources, you need to build more Resource buildings (Houses and
Apartments for Gold/ Tesla Towers and Power Plants for Power) You can also steal Resources from other players by attacking them and destroying their Resource buildings.
You can also buy Resources from the in-game Treasury.

What is Adrenaline?
Adrenaline allows your Monsters to perform their abilities.
You can increase the amount of Adrenaline you have at the start of each battle by upgrading your Monster Center.
You can earn Adrenaline during battle by destroying your opponent's buildings.

What is an Evolution Token?
Once you've created your Monster, you can upgrade by using Evolution Tokens. Like the Monsters,
Evolution Tokens are created using DNA in the DNA lab.

How do I collect DNA?
DNA can be collected from your opponents by destroying their DNA Lab or Monster Center, with the Daily Spin or through win streak rewards.

How do I steal an opponent‘s stored Gold?
Gold can be stolen from your opponents by attacking their Bank, Apartment, or House buildings

How do I win a match?
You gain the Victory condition when you achieve at least one star from attacking a City.

How much DNA do I need to make a new Monster or an Evolution Token?
It takes 5 DNA to create a new Monster or Evolution Token.

What is the Daily Spin?
You get a free Daily Spin every 24 hours! You are guaranteed to win a prize, so be sure to check-in often. If you wish to spin more often, that option is also available at the cost of Gems.

What are Medals?
Medals decide your ranking on the leader boards. Whenever you achieve at least one star while attacking, you win Medals. Medals can also be lost by losing an attack and defending successfully against an attack.

How do I create rarer Monsters?
Rarer Monsters can be created by collecting rarer DNA. As you progress further in the game, you will be able to collect different rarities of DNA. You also need to level up the DNA lab.

How do I steal an opponent's stored Power?
Power can be stolen from your opponents by attacking their Power Plant, Tesla Tower, or Power Storage.

How can I get more Gold?
In order to gather more Gold, you need to build more buildings (house and apartments) and
upgrade them. You can also attack another player and steal Gold from him or buy some Gold from the in-game Treasury.