Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lords Mobile Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Lords Mobile is a combination RPG/SLG game. You take on the role of a Lord with a turf to rule. It’s up to you to become the strongest Lord in the world! Defend what’s yours with upgradeable buildings, mighty collectible Heroes, advanced technologies, and more!

How can I protect my Turf?
Activate a Shield to protect your Turf from attacks.
Your Troops will defend your Turf if they aren’t busy with another task. For example, if your Troops are busy gathering, they'll make their way back to your Turf to help defend.
Use a Random Relocator or Relocator I to move your turf to a new location.
Move closer to your guild mates so they can back you up when danger is near.
Build an Infirmary will help reduce the number of casualties to your forces.

How to get free Gems?
You’ll get Gems when you join your first Guild!
You can win a huge amount of Gems from events.
Gems can be found in Mystery Boxes.

Occupy Gem Lodes during special events to gather Gems.
Win Gems from Facebook and Forum events.
Buy Gems to receive bonus Gems.
Get Gems when you link your account.
Gems can also be found in Guild Caches.

How can I gather resources?
Tap a resource tile in the World Map.
Choose ‘Occupy’ to deploy your troops there.
Once your troops are done gathering, they’ll return to your Turf automatically. The amount of resources gathered is based on your Army Capacity. The more troops you have, the more resources they can gather!

How can I gain EXP?
You can gain EXP from Hero Stages, Turf, Admin, and Guild Quests, Monster Hunts, Skirmishes, and Battles.

How can my Heroes gain EXP?
Your Heroes can gain EXP from Hero Stages, Gathering, EXP items, Monster Hunts, Skirmishes, and Battles.

How can I get Talent Points?
You’ll get Talent Points when you level up! You can use them to learn and/or upgrade Talents.

Why should I be a VIP?
VIP players get to enjoy many perks, including accelerated construction time, increased resource production, increased travel speed, Auto-Battle in Hero Stages, and many more! With these perks, VIP players grow faster, giving them an advantage in battles! Tap the VIP button on the top left corner to learn more!

How can I raise my VIP level?
You can raise your VIP level up to 15 by earning VIP Points.

How can I gain VIP points?
You gain VIP Points by logging in daily. Logging in for consecutive days will give more VIP Points! You can also get them from Quests and Events. The fastest way to gain VIP points is to buy Gems or use items with the ‘Get Points’ button.

How can I increase my Might?
Might can be increased by training soldiers, researching technology, constructing and upgrading buildings. During each upgrade, you can check the amount of Might you will gain from the menu!

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