Friday, March 4, 2016

Lord of Ghosts Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 6 Wonderful Activities for Lord of Ghosts to help you improve your characters!

The most great 3D game “Lord of Ghosts“
The hunder of Shinikami will bring you to play around in the Soul Society.

Activity #1.Kenpachi+Toushirou Activity
Recharge Ranking Activity, GET red card-Toushirou.Cumulative recharge activity,
Help Ranking, also get Kenpachi

Activity #2.Developing fund
Now with only $15, you'll get more than 100$ diamonds returned!You can join this
activity in game. Click"Benefit”-“Developing fund“--“Purchase”.

Activity #3.To get free orange Character
The limited of Arena Ranking,Get the opening sever rewards for 7 days , everyday
login in reward, limited send the orange cards.

Activity #4.Rich rewards
The first recharge package,daily recharge package, monthly card & free sushi,
VIP daily gift,the reward will waiting for you!!

Activity #5."LIKE" our FB homepage
we'll send rewards to all servers alter the activity according to the likes we got.

Activity #6.5-Star Assess
If you like the game please click the 5-star appraisal on app store and Google play
store, will have free gilt code, Pick up your phone and get it.
More reward introduction & Details, please click< "Activity" and "Benefit" IN GAME,
or GO TO FB homepage.

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