Monday, March 21, 2016

Legion: Dungeon & Adventure Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Legion: Dungeon & Adventure by 6ion Studio

When the battle begins, we can choose a position to attack.
After choose, it will decide who can attack.
Whatever your attack is success or failure, we can use the attack experience to decide following actions.
With these attack tips, we can know the number of attack and been attacked.
BOSS class monster is stronger than normal monster.

When you collect all materials of same monster in the dungeon.
You can use them to summon your own monster.
But each monster need six type materials.

The guild publish some quests in the list, and wait for adventurers to complete.
If your adventure rank upgrade,
In the reward, you can check receive EXP and money.
Incidentally, the quests list is updated every hour.
So, when quests list is empty, you need to wait until next update.
The quest's target is in the dungeon.
You can choose the target to show it.
Otherwise, when all adventurers has been hired, you need to wait until other adventurers come.
The materials that obtained in the dungeon, can sell to the businessman.
The adventurer can use magic soul to upgrade level and strength.

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