Thursday, March 24, 2016

Legend of King Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to get +30 Equipment enhanced with only Lucky Stars?

It is easy to get +30 Enhancement, but many players are trying hard. Actually it is pretty easy to get.
So, HOW?

For example, now the equipment is at Level 20, just needs 600 Lucky Star to enhance Level21!!
AND Your Strength will gain 6000+ in mean time!!!

Some Hints!~~
One: Lucky Star only costs 2 diamonds each in store this month!!!
90% off the price!
Original price is 18 diamonds each!! Never ever had this discount before! Holy Cow!

Two: when your daily topup reaches 600 diamonds, then you can get 600 Lucky Star, and equip +21 can be realized AT ONCE!!! Haha....

The Wishing Well Treasures have all been updated than before!
As you know, ONE: making wishes at Wishing Well is also a fast way to get many Lucky Stars to get Enhanced Quickly!!

TWO: many epic and precious Pet and Effect Fragments can also be gained from Wishing Well!! They were sold like thousands of diamonds before in Store!!! WOW!!! Cannot believe this is so easy to get!!

And the price of Wishing Crystal in store has been discounted too!!!
From 50 diamonds to 40 diamonds!!!
10 Wishing Crystal(400 diamonds) can make 10 Wishes now!

See, the price of Lucky Star, and Magical Binders(10 diamonds can buy two MB! Holy Cow! ), has all been lowered, come to get your role Enhanced stronger and faster!!!

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