Thursday, March 24, 2016

Doomsday Clicker Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How do I play Doomsday Clicker?

With Doomsday Clicker profit comes from improving your facilities and destroying the world.
Spend your profits to upgrade the rooms in your shelters. This will increase your income and population.

Your current available money is shown at the top of the screen.

Build new rooms tapping on the activation button. The cost of the new room is shown on the button.

Each room displays its current income with either a progress bar or an income per second counter.

Every room can be upgraded to increase its efficiency and population which will increase your profits!
The cost of each upgrade is displayed on the upgrade button.

If you can afford the upgrade the button will be green. Tap to upgrade.

You can build new shelters in new location in order increase your overall population and profits.
Tap on the arrows or swipe to cycle through the available shelter locations.

There are multiple prime locations available to exploit.

If you are able to buy a new location the button will be pink.
Tap to purchase and expand your reach!

As your profits grow new locations will become available!

What are Room Perks?

Room Perks can be purchased to increase the income from specific rooms in your shelters.

To view available Room Perks tap on the Room Perk button.

Each Perk will improve specific room types in all of your shelters.

Tap on the button to purchase a Perk. The price of the Perk is displayed on the button.

Perks you are unable to purchase will be grayed out.

Exit the Room Perk screen by tapping on the Room Perk button again.

Boosts and Gold

To open the Boost screen tap on the Boosts button.

Boosts can be purchased to instantly improve the profitability of your facilities.
Each Boost costs Gold which can be earned in game and purchased from the in game store.
To purchase a Boost tap on the purchase button.

Boosts are applied instantly

To purchase additional Gold tap on the Gold button at the top of the screen.

Gold can be purchased in varying amounts as needed.

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