Sunday, March 6, 2016

Diner Dynasty Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

What is Diner Dynasty?
You are the owner of a burgeoning dining empire! Tap to add items to your menu: Soup, Salad, Pizza, Tacos and more!

Improve your menu items to increase your improve their taste, their profitability, and rate of sale!

Purchase new and more exclusive restaurants on your journey to build a food empire!

Earn  Billions, Octillions, and Quattuorvigintillions

How do I play Diner Dynasty
Diner Dynasty is all about reinvesting your income to bring in even higher profits by adding new menu items, improving your existing menu, and opening new locations.

Your current available money is shown at the top of the screen.

Unlock new menu items by tapping on them. The cost of each is shown on the menu item's button.

Every menu item displays its current income.

Each menu item can be improved to increase its cost and your profits.
The cost of each upgrade is shown under each menu item.

If you can afford the upgrade the button will be blue. Tap to upgrade.

Buying and upgrading your menu's increases each location's profits.

You can open new and more profitable eateries as you build your fortune.
Tap on the arrows to cycle through the available eatery types and locations.

There are multiple eateries available to purchase.

From a Snack Shack

To a top tier 5 Star Restaurant

What are Upgrades, Boosts, and etc...
Spinning the The Profit Wheel will provide a 2x, 3x, or 4x multiplier bonus for all of your profits for a limited time.

Tap on the profit wheel button to view the wheel.

Tap on the Watch Video to Spin button to watch a short ad and spin the wheel.

Upgrades can be purchased to further improve the income of your casino. To view available upgrades tap on the Upgrades button. Swap between the Upgrade screen and Menu screen by tapping on the upgrade button again.

Each upgrade will improve specific menu items across all open restaurants.

Tap on the buy button to purchase an Upgrade.

Boosts can be purchased to instantly improve the profitability of your Restaurant.

To open the Boost screen tap on the Boosts button.

Each Boost costs Gold which can be earned in game and purchased from the in game store.

What are Shares?
Shares are the most efficient and effective way to increase your profits.

Claim your shares by tapping on the Claim Shares button.

The more shares you claim that larger the profit bonus you will earn.

Tap on the yes button to claim your shares and apply the profit bonus. Your progress will be reset, but you will now earn much more money for every food item and restaurant you have.

You can then spend some of your shares to further increase your profits by buying upgrades.

Claiming shares and buying upgrades will push your profits from thousands, to millions, trillions, quintillions, and so much more!

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