Monday, March 14, 2016

Boom Fish 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1) Introduction
[Boom Fish 2 Win Talktime]is a single and multi-player arcade fishing mobile game, over hundreds of different fishing themes and 300 fish species within the game for players to choose. Unique features such as Da San Xuan, Da Shi Xi, Lightning Chain, Pirate Ship, etc to increase the exitement and gaming experience. Most importantly, players could win a real talktime credits through the game.

2) In-game function introduction
a) Daily sign-in
Daily sign-in page will appear after logged in the game as the picture shown below:

Players can claim the reward by clicking the gold coin icon, daily sign-in will be refresh on 9 AM daily.

b) Daily reward
Daily reward can be very useful in the game, players could claim the reward(gold coins) every specified time  from 9 AM to 3 AM daily. Claim all rewards in total of thousand gold coins  per day to continue the fishing adventures.

c) Share to obtain gold coin
Sharing is another way to receive free gold coin to continue your journey, share with friends in Wechat or Weibo will be receiving free 100 gold coins as reward.  

d) Top up gold coin
Top up menu can be found by clicking the "top up" button from the screen as the picture shown below:

Various of top up amounts for every different players demand. Top up will be accumulate for becoming higher VIP  and unlock features within the game.

e) Talktime exchange
Win and exchange talktime are the most attracting features from the game,  click the talktime exchange button to open the menu of exchanging the talktime won from the game to reality talktime as the picture shown below:

Note: This feature available after binding the device number, click the "bind device number" button to bind with your device number.

f) Talktime ranking
Wondering how much talktime other players had earned and how much different between yours and friends? Just click the "Talktime rank" button to view the ranking and the shocking talktime amounts. What are you waiting for, come join us now!

3) Gameplay introduction
a) Single player mode
We had prepared hundred different unique theme for single player mode, and different species of fish from each theme. There are quest provided in each theme, some require players to capture huge amount of small fishes but some require to capture specified big fishes. After all  the quest of the theme has completed, a new theme will be unlock for players to enjoy. hundred of themes,  constant new quests, tons of fish species that will bring yours excitement to whole new level.

b) Multiplayer talktime
"GO! Grab the talktime from them!",  Multiplayer mode allow players to compete and

win talktime from another players. After enter the multiplayer menu, players can choose a suitable talktime room  as the picture shown below:
Different room require different bullet times(mutiplier), higher multiply rate room gain greater amount of talktime giving players various of choices. Join multiplayer mode and grab yourself a huge amount of talktime from other players!

c) Unique features
There are various of unique features within the game, here is some short introduction regarding to these features:
Small bomb: Destroy small bomb will capture fishes in small area around it .
Catch all: Capture a random fish with sign will catch all other fishes with the sign.
Energy bullet: Capture fishes with double gold coins before the time runs out.
Da San Yuan: Capture random a fish within Da San Yuan will capture other 3 fishes in the same time.
Same kind bomb: Capture a fish with sign will capture all same species of fishes on the screen.
Big bomb: Destroy big bomb will capture all fishes on the screen.
Mystery game: Capture mystery reward to enter a unique roulette game that could win alots of gold coins.
Octopus ink spray: Hit it and it will spout ink to disturb your screen.
Big or small: Capture BOSS to trigger the game to stand a chance for winning huge amount of gold coins.

d) Fishes's multiplier rate
There are too much of fish species in the game, is hard to know which species has the higher score/ gold coin. Worries no more, just click the "help" button from the bottom of the screen after you enter the game. Players can view current theme species multiplier rate from the  menu as the picture shown below:

e) Unlock bullet times(multiplier)
What happen if a player want to enter a talktime room but the required bullet times(multiplier) does not meet? Simply click "Unlock bullet" button below the single player mode screen as the picture shown below:

"Players are required to unlock the bullet times(multiplier) from the lowest to the highest in sequential order. Don’t think is as wasting money but as investment, when a player use N times bullet capture a S multiplier fish, the player will receive N*S gold coins as return! Fun right? Lets start your own adventure here now!

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