Friday, March 18, 2016

Battle Bay Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Random Tips for Battle Bay

  • Always keep moving during battle. A stationary target is easy to hit.
  • Don't aim Torpedoes and Mortars straight at your targets. Try to predict their movement!
  • Don't be afraid to try new weapons. You might like them!
  • Mortars and Grenades deal increased damage the closer your enemy is to the center of impact.
  • Fusing similar items gives a combo bonus. This is the most efficient way to level up your items.
  • Each crew member has talents to gain fusing bonuses. This makes fusing more efficient for items used by those crew members.
  • Every new store shipment contains a care package with gold and sugar from back home.
  • The railgun does more damage per hit than any other weapon.
  • Isak has a talent that give grenades the ability to set ships on fire.
  • Bhurt has a talent that lets all cannons deal more damage to burning ships.
  • Swift has a talent that lets carronade hits slow down enemy ships.
  • Stay alert and keep an eye out for incoming torpedoes.
  • Mortimer has a talent that lets mortars deal more damage to frozen ships.
  • Feelix has talents that give extra hit points to all ships.
  • Brock has talents that give extra defence to all ships.
  • Sinklair has a talent that lets all torpedoes deal more damage to frozen targets.
  • Burniece has talents that gives better agility to all ships.
  • Blastian has talents that give a damage boost to all weapons.
  • Dr. Buzzkill has a talent that increases the range of all weapons.
  • Nitro is great for dodging mortar shells.
  • The sniper cannon fires very fast projectiles which gives it better aiming at long distances.
  • Fixer is the only ship that can equip green items.
  • Waves can intercept airborne projectiles.
  • Bandage is the only repair item that can be equipped to any ship.
  • Uncommon items gain a perk slot when evolved to tier 3.
  • You can cancel a shot by tapping the screen with another finger.
  • When in combat double tapping resets the camera behind the ship.
  • When a crewmember gains a level, new talents are unlocked and must be activated.
  • You can always retrain your crew talents but it takes one hour per talent.
  • Do not waste training time! Keep a crewmember training at all times.
  • You can upgrade your ship to increase attributes and gain item slots.
  • Fusing allows you to destroy unwanted items to improve another item.
  • When an item reaches top level, you can evolve it to keep improving it.

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