Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Basketball Messenger Tips and Tricks, Cheats, Guide, Strategy

Basketball Facebook Messenger Game Tips and Tricks, Cheats, Guide, Strategy

Tip #1: Quick Swipe.
When you shoot the ball, you should swipe the screen upward in a quick fashion.
Because when you swipe the ball at slow, it has a higher chance that it may go at random direction.
But you don't need to swipe fast mindlessly, you need to aim your swipe direct to the hoops/basketball ring.

Tip #2: Short Swipe.
Same as the tip #1, your ball might go to other directions if you do long swipe.
Short Swipe also helps you shoot better when you want the ball to go at straight upward.
It will give you higher chances to do a perfect straight upward or 90 degrees ball projectile.
This tip will help you getting 20 scores and above.

Tip #3: Straight Shot.
If you follow those 2 tips above, you can shoot the ball at higher chance.
But I will tell you another tip to improve your straight shot to get more higher shooting chance.
The best location of when you should start your swipe when you want to do a straight shot is between the center and the bottom of the ball, just like when you shoot the ball in real life.

Tip #4: Curve Shot.
Curve shot is very difficult to do, because sometimes when you swipe the ball up while adjusting to the where the hoops are might go over curve or a little curve that will miss your shot.
To successfully do a curve shot, just swipe the ball up where the hoops are but cut the distance at half.
Example: if you're ball is at very near edge left or right and you're hoops are at the center. Just imagine that your hoops are 1/2 distance between your ball and the hoops and swipe that up in that direction.
It will give you a better chance to shot the ball.

Tip #5: Do Straight Shot when you reach 20 score or more.
This is why it is more easier to score 11 to 20 than going 1 to 10.
When you reach 11 score/points the basketball hoops will move.
This is good if you mastered doing Straight Shots, because you just wait for the hoops to move near at your ball and timely do a straight shot.

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