Thursday, February 4, 2016

War Pirates Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

[Gaining Swabbies]
New swabbies can be obtained from battles or by scouting them at the Tavern.

[Scouting Lineup]
The scouting lineup changes several times a day.
Rare pirates can appear occasionally, so check often.

[Wanted Posters]
Gathering a certain number of wanted posters lets you scout that pirate as an ally.
Specific quests can reward wanted posters.

Upgrading ships pasta certain point requires blueprints.
They can be obtained from enemies during quests.

[Melee and Gunners]
Pirates are broadly split into melee and ranged types.
Melee types are for head-on assaults. while ranged hit hard from afar.

[Discovering Hidden Quests]
Clearing quests sometimes uncovers hidden quests.
Your friends can find them too.

[Increasing Max Swabbies]
If you Strengthen a pirate using the same character, you can increase the slots for swabbies.
It's okay if they're different classes.

[Leveling Up Swabbies]
Swabbies don't level up from battles, but you can Level them up with .
Their maximum level is 7.

[Dropped Items]
Defeating enemy ships and pirates has a chance to drop various items and swabbies.

Clearing the main story on each map unlocks
Subquests on that map for you to explore.

[Awakening Quests]
Leveling a pirate to a certain point will unlock an Awakening Quest.
First, learn their story at your Hideout.

Strengthen your pirates at the Training Ground.
Strengthening will consume the pirates you sacrifice.

Each pirate has a personal quest that, when complete, will awaken them.
Awakening will grant them a new skill!

[Ship Sub-Equipment]
Leveling a ship to a certain point allows it to gain Sub-Equipment.
Sub-Equipment has various effects, and can be upgraded.

[Ship Main Equipment]
A ship's basic function depends on its Main Equipment.
Upgrade it and level up it's ship to increase its abilities.

[Learning Skills]
There are pirates who learn new skills as they level up.
Awakening pirates will always grant a new skill.

[Main Guns]
During battle, you can tap to fire the Mothership's main guns.
Sinking enemy ships increases ammo, so set your sights!

Gather Exchange Points in Duels, and trade them for items.
A high ranking will also offer special rewards.

[Defense Settings]
When challenged to a Duel, you will automatically defend yourself with the formation you set up in the defense settings.

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