Friday, February 19, 2016

Tennis Champs Returns Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Serve Guide
Press and Hold Slow Serve button.
Hold the button to toss the ball release it to strike.
While tossing the ball, the d-pad moves the aim cursor left and right.
The fast serve button: fast serves are flatter but subject to more error.

Strokes Guide
Hold the shot button and watch the timing bar.
Notice the timing bar moves. A smaller timing bar is under your player.
For the best power and accuracy. Release shot as the  bars meet.
The D-Pad direction as you hit the ball decides the shot direction.
Add top spin: Hold shot button then slide your finger upwards.
Slice Shot: Hold shot button then slide your finger down.

Movement Guide
While a shot button is held your player moves automatically.
This means you can begin to aim your shot as you charge your swing.

Career Guide
Choose Events from the right hand Panel.
(An event that's good to start with has been selected for you)
The Top-Left Menu lets you edit your player and explore the calendar.

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