Sunday, February 28, 2016

SWAR 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Top 8 Events that will give you more rewards and help you through-out the game

1. Login gift
Time: No time limit
Every day login to get daily gift as the following shows
1st day: Tarot*2
2nd day: Red heart*100
3rd day: Raid tickets*30
4th day: Red heart*200
5th day: Tarot*2
6th day: Red hearts*200
7th day: Gold*30,000

2. Limited Sign in Gift
Time: In 7 days after first Login
During event. daily login to get a great gift as the following shows.
1st day: Gold*20,000
2nd day: 3-star DPS Mercenary: Gryphon
3rd day: Red heart*200
4th day: Gold*60,000
5th day: Red hearts*300
6th day: Raid tickets*50
7th day: 4-star Tank Mercenary: Heavy armor guards
Ps: 1. Gift will be sent from players first login, end after 7 days.
2. Only continuously login 7 days can get 4-star mercenary, please
don‘ t miss daily login.

3. First Charge Gift
They have awesome gift for you in new server. During the event,
first charge can get double crystal and a Gift contains following
items: 4-star healing mercenary, Go|d*120K, Angel wings (limited
Ps: only count the first charge

4. Crazy to level up
Time: In 14 days after server open
Reach the Level below to claim Level Up gift
Lv 10: Red hearts*50 Gold*20, 000 Action*2
Lv. 15: Red heads*100 Gold*20, 000 Action*2
Lv.20: Red heads*100 Gold*30, 000 Action*3
Lv. 25: Red heads*200 Gold*30, 000 Action*5
Lv. 30: Red heads*200 Gold*35, 000 Action*5
Lv. 35: Red heads*300 Gold*35, 000 Action*8
Lv. 40: Red heads*300 Gold*40, 000 Action*8
Lv. 45: Red heads*350 Gold*40, 000 Action*10
Lv. 50: Red heads*350 Gold*50, 000 Action*10
Ps: Each level can claim once

5. Mercenary Carnival
Time: Unlimited
Gotcha Mercenary at Inn: Single gotcha for 20 times to have 100%
chance of 3-star healing mercenary. 10 combo gotcha for 20 times
to have 100% chance of 5-star mercenary.

6. super discount gift
Use 9999 crystals to get 29, 999 crystals worth Super discount gift
contains the following items; Random gem chest*2 . 5-star
Mercenary Ferdinand, Raid tickets*100, Action*30
Ps: once for each player.

7. The running Card
Time; Unlimited
Purchase card at Holybank to get the following rewards
Silver card: 100*crystals (30 days)
Gold card; 200*crysta|s (30 days) Max action+10
Ps. all types of cards can be stacked used

8. Facebook like carnival
Like facebook fan page, big prize is prepared for all
players when like reaches the following amount.
3,000 likes: red hearts*200
3,000 likes; red hearts*500
3.000 likes: red hearts*800
3,000 likes: red hearts*1,000
Ps, the prize will be sent to every players in the next day when
likes meet the amount. Please login to claim the reward.

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