Friday, February 12, 2016

Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

1.Reading the Main Story
You may read the Main Story by tapping the Continue Romance button in the lower right of your Home Screen!

Reading the Main Story requires Love Passes. You will get five (5) free Love
Passes every day you log in (a new day begins at 11:00 AM (UTC)). You may use up to five Love Passes at a time.
If you run out of Love Passes, you can restore them by using Items (from the Menu button), or you can buy Love Passes at any time from the Shop.
If you have Love Passes to use, you may need to receive them first from your Item Box, so check the Info button just below the Menu to see if you have any unclaimed Items!

2.Chemistry & Story Choices
As you read the story, you will be asked to make choices. Making the right choice, as it relates to the Samurai whose Main Story you are currently reading, will increase your Chemistry.

Your Chemistry will be the deciding factor in the fate of your romance, and which ending you will get. If you wish to see how much Chemistry you need to earn for the Divine Ending, check your Story Progress from the Home Screen!

3.Story Missions
At certain points in the story (before an Intrigue in the Main Story, for example), you will be asked to prove yourself through Story Missions.
Fashion Missions To finish a Fashion Mission and continue the story, you will need to change your Heroine into one of the available Fashion Items.
Which Fashion Item you choose will determine if you go down the road of
Fate or the road of Love...choose the Crossroads of Love and you will also earn a Portrait of your samurai that will be in your Album or able to be saved to your device's memory.

Skill Missions (Cooking Class
To finish a Skill Mission, you will need to earn the number of Skill Points necessary to continue the story.
To earn Skill Points, try the Cooking Class button on your Home Screen.
You will use Energy Hearts for the Cooking Classes, but your Allies will also be able to assist you to earn Coins and other items.
You may also increase your Skill Points at any time via Menu —> Items —> Use Pearls —> Skill Points. 1 Pearl is worth 300 Skill Points.

4.Divine & Noble Endings
There are two different endings to every Main Story. The Divine Ending will earn you exclusive Fashion Items as well as a dramatic Portrait...and the Noble Ending offers a side of your romance never seen before: told by the Samurai himself. Finishing endings will also earn you a romantic Epilogue Story!

5.Using the Autoplay Function
While reading the Story, you can use the Menu button to the upper right to change your sound and display. Also available is the Autoplay Function, which will make the chapter progress
automatically without having to tap through each line of dialogue. Tap the AUTO button in the upper right while playing the story to try it out! Play will stop automatically in the event of one of the story selections to increase Chemistry, so you don't have to worry about missing the chance to get closer to your Samurai!

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