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Medal Masters Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

 Managing Heroes
1 Heroes

In Medal Masters, heroes are summoned characters from medals, and they are put together as a team for various game modes.

1.1     Get Heroes

1)    Heroes can possibly be obtained by clearing Battlefields or Special Dungeons or by drawing Gachas and accomplishing Achievements.

2)    They can also be attained as Arena season rewards or purchased from the Black Market.

1.2     Develop Heroes

1)    Heroes can level up by earning EXP from Battlefield or Special Dungeons.

2)    Available training in the Barracks: Level Up, Awaken, Skill Up, Evolve, and Leader Buff Level Up.

1.3     Hero Information

1)    Hero Grades

a)    Heroes are categorized from 1-star to 6-star heroes, and each hero has a limit as to how far they can be developed.

b)    The Medals are based on different grades and shown as Stone > Bronze > Silver > Gold, respectively.

2)    Hero Elements

a)    Each hero has one Element from Fire, Water, Wood, Dark, and Light. Light Element will be updated later.

b)    Every Element has an advantage over another Element. Fire is weak against Water, Water is weak against Wood, and Wood is weak against Fire. Dark and Light are each weak against the other.

3)    Hero Classes

a)    There are a total of 5 classes for a hero, and each class offers unique stats and abilities.

Classes Description


• Short ranged melee class with high HP and Defense. A Tank class.


• Melee class using long weapons with good attack range and Attack, but with low HP and attack speed.


• Long ranged class with high Attack but can only attack one target at a time.


• Healer class that can alternate between single target long ranged attack and healing magic.

• Healing prioritizes allies with the lowest HP.


• Performs powerful area attack, but has low attack speed and has the lowest HP.

4)    Hero Statistics

Statistics Description


• Stat which affects damage dealt to enemies and Knockback distance.


• When your Defense is higher than the enemy's Attack, calculates incoming damage based on Defense (%).

• DMG/DEF*DMG = Actual Damage

• Ex) When receiving 20 Damage with 100 Defense, you will only receive 4 Damage.


• Your hero will fall when HP reaches 0. It affects Knockback distance.

5)    Hero Skills

a)    A hero can use its unique skill in battle, and every skill has a cooldown.

b)    Using skills consumes Mana. A skill can activate powerful effects based on its level.

c)     A skill is categorized into Normal or Blitz skill based on how it is activated.

d)    Blitz makes a skill more powerful when activated at the right time.

e)    You can increase skill level at the Barracks.

6)    Leader Buff

a)    Heroes may or may not have Leader Buffs available. To use a Leader Buff, a hero with a Leader Buff must be selected as the team leader.

b)    The Leader Buff cannot be applied to all team members. It is favorable to build a team around the leader.

c)     The Leader Buff level is randomly determined when first acquiring the hero, after which it can be leveled up at the Barracks.

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