Monday, February 1, 2016

Hero Legend Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Auto Battle with Auto Mode Cheat/Trick

If you want to improve your Heroes, you need to have a lot of coins to upgrade your equipment and skills.
You can get coins when you finish any single level found in the game.
Luckily Hero Legend doesn't have stamina feature that can be found with other similar games.
Since it doesn't have stamina, you can play Hero Legend anytime as much as you want and you can play without internet connection.

We can use Bluestack PC App to be able to play Hero Legend and other android games in PC.
We can use automation software for Hero Legend, since it doesn't have stamina feature, we can automate it's battle repetitively,
Just select any single level but you should make sure that you character can beat that level.
Then just record and play it as much as you want.

Top 10 Random Tips for Hero Legend

  • You have 10 chances each day to try Challenge Mode
  • You will find lots of gems in Arcade mode
  • High-grade Hero will make your battle easier!
  • Useless equipment can be sold !
  • Getting hard now ? Upgrade your hero!
  • Check out the Special Package at shop
  • Purchase Heros, Equipments and Gems with Glow Coins. You can win Glory Coins in Challenge Mode!
  • Exclusive Equipments will give your Hero a huge boost, go get a set(6)
  • Check out the Special Package at shop
  • Auto-mode will release your hands from battle!