Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Farm Heroes Super Saga Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Play
Become a Farm Hero today by matching Cropsies to complete the level objectives before you run out of moves. Cropsies are the vegetables, fruit, sunshine and water you can see in the game. You will see the objectives at the top of the screen, and will always have a limited amount of moves in each level.

Once you’ve collected all the Cropsies, you will enter ‘Hero Mode’, during which you can use your remaining moves to improve your growth rate. Depending on your growth rate, you can earn up to three stars on a level. When you complete a level for the first time, or whenever you improve your star score for a level, you will receive some Magic Beans, which can be used to help you progress through the game.

What are the different game modes?

What are the different game modes?

There are several different game modes, each with a different objective:

Collection levels: If your objective is to collect a certain type of Cropsie, you can do so by matching three or more Cropsies of the same type on the board.
Later in the game you will come across new types of collection targets that require different approaches, such as making a match next to a Cropsie that needs collecting. You will learn more about these as you progress through the game.

In Collection levels you’ll also be rewarded with a unique collection animal based on your growth rate. There are plenty of fantastic Farm Club rewards available when you collect a complete set of animals across different episodes.

Rancid levels: In this level you will be required to defeat Rancid the Raccoon. You can do this by matching the required Cropsies, multiple times. A health bar will give you the percentage of energy that Rancid has left. You must ensure his health bar is at 0% to pass the level.

How do I gain points?

You receive points every time you switch Cropsies to create a match of three or more in a row. Try to achieve as many points as possible to win the level with one, two, or three stars.

How do I collect a flower?

Match Cropsies next to a flower to make it bloom. When the flower is fully grown it will be collected. The Magic Shovel booster can also be used to grow a flower.

How do I collect a chick?

You need to match three eggs to produce one cracked egg, and then match three cracked eggs to collect one chick. The Magic Shovel and Egg Cracker boosters can also be used to crack eggs.

How can I break ice?

When you match with the Cropsie inside the ice, the ice will disappear. The Magic Shovel booster can also be used to break ice.

What are Gold Bars used for?

Gold Bars can be purchased with real money and are useful for everything, from adding extra lives to obtaining boosters to unlocking new episodes. However, you do not have to purchase Gold Bars to progress through the game.

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