Monday, February 8, 2016

Ever War: The Last Castle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Stronghold is the basic for all building and its level must be the
Stronghold increase the troop size, troop number size, people size
and success rate of using book of leadership.
Troop size: limit of the soldiers for a march.
People size: people can be sent to market, farm, barrack and mine.
Troop number size: how many troops can be sent out at the same
time, for example: attack, hawesting and so on.

Higher level barrack can hold more officers and militias. More officers
can train more militias.
Higher level soldiers will consume more food.

Troop Size
Troop size shows the maximum soldiers of marching. Upgrading the
stronghold or using book of leadership can increase the troop size.

Troop types restraint
Restraint law : Mage is strong vs Warrior , Warrior is strong vs
Ranged , Ranged is strong vs Mage , Defender is strong vs all others
but weak vs Siege
Restraint : Restraint means 30% attack increase; Being restrained
means 30% attack reduce

Victory and Defeat
Higher attack brings higher damage to enemy. Defence reduce the
damage caused by the enemy. The one with higher output(damage *
damage reduce) wins in the battle.

Gears help to increase your power significantly. To forge a gear you
need to collect enough relevant blueprints which can be found in

Forge and Break
Forge cannot be done if player has 20 pcs gears in the bag.

Use of Gem: Gem can be inlaid into gears to increase the fighting
power. Several low level gems can be combined into higher one.
Gem Acquisition: Using silver and gold to purchase gems will
increase the lucky points. Higher level gems you purchased, more
lucky points will be reward. Lucky points which will daily refresh
increases the possibility to get high level gems.

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