Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cooking Mama: Puzzle Mama Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

★How To Play
Proceed to the setting screen from the shop you want to play and tap "Begin."
*Each play costs 1 heart.
Tap a chain of three or more of the same Foo-Don to turn them into a dish that's then served to the customer.
Tap and hold a chain of three or more of the same Foo-Don, and they'll stick together and turn into a jumbo Foo-Don.
When you tap a jumbo Foo-Don, the dish that's made (and the points you earn) changes according to the number of Foo-Don that were chained together.
Use items to get special benefits for the current play session.
+20% score!
+10 sec. play time!
Foo-Don reduced (5 to 4)!
Two skills active!
+50% Foo-Don EXP!
Spice appears at 13
Each use costs 1 item.
Items can be obtained via methods such as trading coins for them.
Trade or use tickets to obtain various benefits.
Benefits of tickets:
・Recover hearts
・Trade for Foo-Don experience points (EXP)
・Trade for coins
・Use to continue play
Tickets can be purchased, or are obtained when a shop levels up.
If your tickets reach 0, you can purchase more by tapping the button to the right of the tickets symbol.
★Max. inventory for tickets, coins, and items
Up to 99 tickets
Up to 999,999 coins
Up to 99 items
*Be aware that you cannot earn new tickets, coins, or items once you have reached these limits!

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