Saturday, February 20, 2016

Clash Royale Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Clash Royale Guide
Synergy above all
1. Whenever we’re talking about deck building, it’s always about synergy. You need every card to work alongside each other, and never because it’s a good card. Epic cards are great, but if you’re just using the epic cards solely because they’re “epic” cards, then you won’t have the success you're looking for. Building a good deck is about synergy, not rarity.

2. Defense is just as important as Offense
Sure you need offense to destroy those Crown Towers and win, but you’re also going to need defense to defend your own towers. So your deck needs a great balance of defense and offense to be successful.

3. Balance of Point and Splash Damage Cards
There are two types of damage-inflicting cards in this game:

Cards that deal “point” damage, which are cards that inflict damage to only one opposing unit (i.e. Musketeer targeting a Giant). Although, point attackers are limited to targeting one unit, they are the strongest damage-inflicting units in the game. Point-damaging cards are necessary for beating high HP troops.
Cards that deal “splash” damage, which are cards that inflict damage to multiple units (i.e. Witch targeting a Skeleton Army). While splash damaging units have the advantage of dealing damage to multiple opposing units, they deal among the lowest damage per second in the game. Splash-damaging cards are necessary for beating hordes of low HP troops.

4. Melee and Range Troops
You’re going to need a balance of melee and range troops. Ranged troops tend to have low HP but high DPS (damage per second), so it is important to combine them with melee troops in front of them to shield. Having too many melee troops make them susceptible to splash damage, so it’s important to combine them with ranged troops so that your melee troop shields as your ranged troop destroys the splash-damaging threat.

5. An adequate ‘Average Elixir Cost’
Your average elixir cost is important. The best cards tend to have the greatest elixir cost. However, they take the longest to deploy because of their high elixir cost as you will need to wait longer to load up on elixir.