Friday, February 12, 2016

Brave Battle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Eliminate enemies, complete achievements or open suspicious boxes to obtain goods.

Mercenaries can use skills alongside their basic attacks
Currently, the Knight only has one skill, but can use more skills by becoming stronger.

Press the hero icon to select the hero.
Pressing once more displays details of the hero
The 4 circles on top of the icon indicates available skills.

Use the Quick Upgrade button in the Details window to make your team stronger.

A Suspicious Box can be found during the game.
The Suspicious Box can be obtained by touching it.
You can gain useful items from the box, so ifs best to open it.

Complete the marked stage to obtain Hire Points,

You can't change the hero you've picked unless you prestige so make sure you choose carefully!

When you are in HP, use the Retreat feature for a more tactical approach!

Select and drag your hero to make him retreat and rejoin the battle later.
After having retreated the enemy's attack target will be changed, Escape from being the monsters target!

Completed achievements are marked with an exclamation point.
Check your achievements and get rewards.

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