Friday, January 8, 2016

Sword Adventure Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

※Switch during battle!
Explore this world, you are not alone.
Original created “switch” system- the whole team are made of team leader( 1 hero), first team( 2 heroes) and backup team ( 2 heroes). During the battle, you can switch position of first team and backup team to take less damage or max your damage.

※Plenty of heroes and destiny
No matter what character you choose, Kirito or Asuna, you will find all your familiars are waiting in the game! Yui will guide you to explore the world. Dragon tamer and other girls will fight with you. And, if you are strong enough, you may have a change to recruit Firelord Eugeen and other powerful heroes!

※9 major challenges! Prove yourself!
Besides common arena, there are more interesting challenges await you!
Babel Tower is an endless journey. Cowboys and their bullets are waiting on the end of the Death Road. Skull Reaper, Christmas Boss, Championship, Duel... Now, it’s time to show your courage and strength!

※Build the Strongest Guild and the best assault group!
You think solo players are cool? Come on, even Kirito joined guilds! It will provide you a lot of convenience and advantages! With guild-mates help, your development will become much easier! And, you will make good friends with others, just like Kirito and Klein, Asuna and Yuuki!
Sword Adventure will be launched on App Store and Google Play soon! Stay tuned!
Tips: Comparing with a NERvGear, you will be much safer with a mobile phone!

What is the Double Rewards for 1st time Recharge ? Why there are Double Rewards for specific recharge amount?
1. For the event of “Double Rewards for 1st time Recharge”, you can choose one amount from 6 options and recharge. The rewarded diamonds will be doubled. You can check the options on Recharge panel.
2. After your 1st top up, the “Double Rewards for 1st time Recharge” event is over. Don’t worry,  you still have chances for more “double rewards”- this time there are 4 options: $0.99, $4.99, $19.99, $99.99. Every option is counted independently but only works once. For example, you can recharge $ 4.99 and get double rewards, then you will not get double rewards for recharging $4.99 anymore, but you could get double rewards for recharging other amount.

How to use a gift code?
Click head image on upper left corner in game→ Exchange code→ Enter Code→Confirm→ Receive rewards in mailbox.
Why can I transform Chrone Stone into the picked color?
The “Chrono Stone transform” will transform the stone to a random color no matter what you choose. The purpose of your choosing is to ensure that you will not transform the right color to others by misoperation.

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