Sunday, January 3, 2016

Slingshot Range Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Slingshot Range Tips
You can choose convenient for you control in settings.
Consider the wind and its strength when shooting.
Try to shoot faster and accurately. It gives bonus.
Upgrade your slingshot. It allows you to shoot more accurately.
Buy weapons in the store. They allow you in pass the level faster.
The targets could be anywhere: on trees fences, gates...
Wheels, cans and ads on fences are targets too.
Try to destroy the bonus targets as soon as they appear.
Try to have time to destroy exploding targets.
Use petards and stones to destroy targets more quickly.
Shoot at the centre of turntable, lo launch a rocket to the barrel.
Hit to the barrel from a slingshot don’t cause damage to it.

Aiming point.
Before a shot attempt to glace target near this point, but consider the power of wind and distance to the target.

Wooden slingshot
This is your first slingshot carved from a branch.
Ammunition: the stone and steel ball

Stone slingshot
This slingshot - your first serious weapon!
Ammunition: stone, ball, handful of stones and petard.

Bone slingshot
You can shoot more accurately with this slingshot!
Ammunition: stone, hall, handful of stones, petard, tooth and cactus.

Gold slingshot
It is the dream of any true connoisseur of slingshots!
Ammunition: Hmm... anything!

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