Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shipwrecked: New World Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Remember to:

  • Build a thriving island.
  • Complete quests for rewards.
  • Gain the courage to explore!

How do I earn more swords ?
You can earn swords on leveling up, through Tapjoy, daily rewards
and purchases. You can also get swords through Features For
example the Golden seeds, Lost Cargo etc. which are For a limited
time period.

Where can I Find the lumber mill/planks ?
You gel planks from the Lumber Mill. There is a speciļ¬c quest Make
the Cut that asks you to search The Jungle For the Lumber Mill.

Where can I Find the stone cutter/stones?
You get stones from the Stone Cutter. In order to get it, you will
need to complete the quest called ‘One Brick’, which will ask you to
find it in the Jungle.

My buildings and houses are not loading and are appearing
as black squares. Why?
The black square indicates that the image is not being downloaded.
Please re-launch the game and make sure the device is connected
to the internet.

I made an in-app purchase and the resources have still not
been credited 0 my game. Why?
Close the game (either by pressing BACK button, or via Settings >>
Manage Applications >> Shipwrecked >> Force stop), and then
restart the application. You should be able to see the resources that
you purchased.

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